FPC169 - e - photokina special - SHABANG! (english edition)

Interview with Peter Hurley

30. November -0001 0:00

There was a surprise guest on FotoTVs booth party; „Mr. Shabang“ Peter Hurley showed up and rocked the stage with a spontaneous live performance.
Our crew member Thomas took the bull by the horns and managed to get an interview with Peter in the backstage area of the Headshotcrew’s photokina booth.

After the interview Michael will shortly present you the German company FOOLOGRAPHY and their Kickstarter campaign for Canon and Nikon shooters. Please head over to the campaign and back them!

Website Peter Hurley:                                                     https://peterhurley.com/


Link to FOOLOGRAPHY’s Kickstarter campaign:

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Michael Eloy Werthmüller
Thomas Pöhler

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